iCPro Update.


I see from your posts on the Cubasis forum that a list exists of items for inclusion in future updates.

Does a similar list exist for iCPro, and if so, what is on it?


The future request list on the Cubasis forum has been established by our users.


Hi Lars,

Perhaps I need to make this clearer.

Here are some excerpts from some of your recent posts on the Cubasis forum:

Hi ProtoPablo,

Sidechain support is on our list for future upgrades.

Hope that helps,


Hi adampege111,

While tempo/signature track support is on our feature list, it might take some time until begin available within the app.


Hi Mike,

As stated earlier tempo track/time signature support is on our feature list for future updates.

Cubasis gets updated on a regular basis, and we do our best to fulfil as many as possible user-requested features/improvements per update.
The app is driven by a very small but skilled team, some bigger feature requests - which applies for tempo track/time signature support - might take longer in the process.


It is clear from this that you (Steinberg) have compiled a list of features to be developed for Cubasis, and it can obviously be assumed that the list has been compiled from feature requests made on the Cubasis forum.

So, a simple question - Has a similar list been created from the many feature-requests made by iC Pro users over the last few years?
All it requires is a simple Yes/No answer.

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then could you please let us know when an iC Pro update can be expected.

Again, a simple answer - An approximate date or maybe even ‘Never’.

Keeping us constantly in the dark over the future of this app is very bad business practice, as well as being disrespectful to all of us who have put our faith, and money, into Steinberg.

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An update / reply on this one would be nice.

It’s pretty sad we haven’t seen any kind of update to iC Pro since July of 2017. Especially for a $17 controller app. Start selling IAP add-ons like channel strip control, plug-in quick controls, or a MIDI editor. Port it to Windows and sell it on the Windows Store so we can use it on big touch screens connected to the DAW PC. There are all kinds of ways to extend the monetisation of iC Pro. Maybe then we can start getting some development attention again?

official Steinberg support said something along the lines of “they don’t support apps” and regarding current bugs I was requesting support on

quote: “I have been made aware that is issue was reported back in 2015.
I really doubt that it will be addressed.”

so basically they are doing zero active development - and seem to have no immediate plans to