ICYMI: WaveLab 10.0.60 Update is now available

You can download the 10.0.60 maintenance update for WaveLab Pro, WaveLab Elements, and WaveLab LE from the Steinberg Download Assistant application, or from this page:

This update fixes the speaker configuration bug introduced in 10.0.50.


  • Variable DPI scaling settings are now supported in WaveLab.
  • A new metadata variable for “Duration” has been added.
  • A new tooltip in CD Tool Window > Group column to display the Track Group Duration has been added.
  • Scalable vector graphics in CD report are now supported.

-GnuDb CD database support has been added to retrive Audio CD information when using CD import.
-An option has been added to restrict scaling values to integer ratios (Windows only)
-Bitmap rendering on High DPI screen setups has been improved.
-Fixed an issue where RestoreRig DeNoiser settings were discarded when rendering to a new file.
-Help link now opens the correct URL when using WaveLab with Japanese language settings.
-The sample rate setting for the Live Input bus is now persistent when closing and reopening WaveLab.
-Fixed a waveform zoom issue when using a non integer scaling (e.g. 150%) in High DPI mode.
-“Insert Clip Files” by right-clicking on an audio montage track now works as expected.
-Fixed an issue where speaker configurations did not work under specific cirumstances.
-Import of dual mono files now works as expected.
-Editing milliseconds time value in Compact mode in the Clock tab of the “Time Format” dialog now works as expected.

HERE is a full report.