Id like a full refund for Cubasis3.6. A key element does not work on chromebook and it has been mis-

When I try to share mixdowns from Cubasis 3.6 on my Chromebook I receive an “unexpected error” message and I cant share them at all, anywhere. This is a major problem with the software as I was hoping to use it to master audio before sharing with collaborators.

Here are the build details of my chromebook:

Google Chrome: Version 122.0.6261.137 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Platform: 15753.55.0 (Official Build) stable-channel corsola
Channel: stable-channel
Firmware Version: Google_Steelix.15194.92.0
ARC Enabled: true
ARC: 11541245
Enterprise Enrolled: false
Developer Mode: false

If you cannot provide me with a solution for this I would like a full refund. The software is sold as compatible with my device and it seems it is not, therefore this has been mis-sold.

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Are you able to access the ‘cubasis > data’ folder on your chromebook’s file-manager/file explorer? Mixdown files are stored there so you could share them ,outside cubasis it’s app, there manually.

No, I’ve tried with several file apps. All have access to storage denied.

I feel the problem lies with cubasis. I should not need a work around for a basic function.

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I agree that you shouldnt need a workaround but this problem arose when android changed their (native) file manager policy. (And i guess chrome os is also affected by it) Since then people have had the problem 3rd party flie managers accessing certain folder. You’re not the only one. The weird thing is that some have this problem and others dont. I have no idea where to put the blame. I dont know if cubasis should or can change their folder structure and if it would help. Its a nasty problem tho and it should be solved.

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Its not good that this isnt mentioned on the Cubasis page at Playstore. Steinberg obviously know about the problem and that’s why I’m asking for a refund. They should be managing expectation.

I don’t know how it is done in Gloogle store, but to get a refund for an IOS app you need to contact Apple (they manage the payments).

It is the same for the Google Playstore, you have to ask for the refund there. Asking for a refund here in a user forum is not possible anyway, so that is for the Playstore.

Steinberg can not add all possible problems in their description, if Google decides to modify something in Android. There are ways too many possibilities due the tons of different devices and release.

On google’s end this is what happend

Alltho i have to say that this should not affect an apps “share” function… google wants to protect their app folder integrity, which is not desireable but for reasons understandable(ex. piracy). Yet, more reason why a share function should work (so you wouldnt need insight of an app’s folder structure). The question is if the share function is bugged because of google or because of cubasis.

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Hi @roblocum76

Sorry for my late reply due to residual holidays.

Our engineering evaluated the problem, which seems to affect Cubasis LE only and is aimed to be fixed with the next Cubasis update.

To immediately resolve your issue, please get in touch with me via eMail (fin my address in the private message I’ve sent you).


Update: Google didn’t give me a refund, no reason given. Lars from Steinberg has been really helpful and efficient and provided a code to get Cubasis 3 but switching to Cubasis 3 full install hasn’t changed anything on my Chromebook or phone. It seems that the 3 and 3LE are the same app.

Apparently this issue should be resolved in the next app update. I wonder when that will be?

Suggestion: the app lets you choose where to save mixdowns.

Yes they should be saved to public folders like my documents or downloads or any other public ones.
This should fix the problem.
Preferably users can choose the folder and make sub folders.

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Hi @roblocum76

Thanks for your updated message.

Normally, the issue should not appear when using Cubasis 3. Please have a look at my eMail to further evaluate the issue.


FWIW, I can save mixdown files from Cubasis 3 to my Google Drive and to my “My files” on my Chromebook. So it might be a problem specific to the user?

Im not sure but it could be in android’s case it seems if you had an older android version (with cubasis ) and installed the newer android version over it (and not a fresh install) that every thing kept working as before but when you have a fresh install of the android version that had the google policy change (which prohibitted using the native file manager to use in-app files) you very likely run into problems.

I had my 3rd party file manager allready installed on android 11 and after upgrading to A12 and A13 everything kept working the same (in case of browsing to cubasis’s folder structure) while i seen people on later android version’s (13 n 14 i think) not being able to find cubasis’s internal folders on 3rd party file managers (exact same one im using).

So that might be the culprit (im strictly guessing here)

Hi @scottlawrencelawson, Hi @CJ_Monster,

Unfortunately @roblocum76 did not reply to my previous message (same for eMail).

We’ve identified an issue where sharing mixdown files filed when using Cubasis LE for Android, which will resolved in the upcoming Cubasis LE update. However, the regular Cubasis for Android app version should not been affected by this problem.

Best wishes,