I'd like to control the frequency parameter in Fab-Filter Q3 with my keyboard keys

I have an audio track with Fab-Filter Q3 on it and I also have a midi track. The farthest I’ve gotten is having one of the “Midi Sends” “Note to CC”. But this is sending random information to Q3 even if I am pressing the same note(C3)

Fab-Filter Q3 can have a midi input as a knob control the frequency, but I’m having a hard time turning my keyboard into CC values for Fab-Filter Q3 to recognize. Any help would be greatly appreciated!



If you want to change the MIDI Note Pitch to a MIDI CC value, use Logical Editor, please.

(Type is | Equal | Note)

Type | Set to fixed value | Controller
Value 2 | Use Value 1
Value 1 | Set to fixed value | 1 // For MIDI CC 1, or any other Controller Number you want to use


Or use the very same formula in the MIDI Insert Transformer, if you want to do it in the real time.