ID3 'genre' tags - now sorted alphabetically.!

And finally;

So, I upgraded to v9.5.30 yesterday and just saw this when doing some outputs.

I wasn’t sure what I was looking at for a moment. I looked again, and I looked again. And blow me, the whole list is now sorted alphabetically.!! I mean, its only taken around 9 years of asking…

Checked the Version History and there it is; “CAN-14353 - Export - Improved sorting of ID-3 tags when exporting to MP3 format.”

The world has turned a page. This. Is. Progress.


Glad they sorted out this issue (pun intended). :wink:

During all the years of requests I thought I read somewhere that Steinberg could not mess with the MP3 list because it adhered to some kind of MP3 standard. I wonder if that changed?

Now if they can add a few more music genres requested by some users…

Regards. :sunglasses:

I know - I well remember that too…! They said it was absolutely written in stone. The amount of negativity went on and on; it was almost like it would be interfering with the very physical laws of time and space if this were altered in any way… :smiley: :mrgreen:

Don’t know if I care what’s changed frankly. Its nice they’ve done it at last.

Adding some more entries (or allowing user input directly) I agree would be both helpful and welcome, but may be pushing it… I’ll see you in another few years… :slight_smile: