ID3 info when doing a mp3 export still doesn't work?

I’m on Cubase 12 and Win10.
Did a forum search and I wonder if the ID3 ever worked properly reading that???
Is it going to work in Cubase 13?
And yeah, super minor problem, but you know … for the sake of completeness? :smiley:


Your title says you export an MP3 - where are you trying to ‘read’ the (hopefully embedded) ID3 tag metadata, that you just exported.? Back inside Cubase, or some other audio player/applet.?

You could try confirming by editing a file’s data in something like (free):-
Mp3tag - the universal Tag Editor (ID3v2, MP4, OGG, FLAC, …)
…and importing that back in to Cubase or loading in your other player/app - to see whether it really is Cubase at fault…?

(not at my machine to double-check the first part here for you - sorry…)

The point is I don’t want to use a 3rd party tool just for ID3 data. When I export the file I want to be done with it right there and then kind of. And you can view ID3 data in Win Explorer and I still use WinAmp which by the way is alive and kicking again with new owners hehe. But as I say it’s no big deal with the ID3 data, although it should work as it’s a feature? :smiley:

ID3 info when doing a mp3 export still doesn’t work?

Are you saying it doesn’t on your end? It does work here.

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Looks like my test but my test have no data!

Hmph. That’s strange. have you ruled out pref probs? You’re on C12.0.70, the latest?

Maybe post an image of your export window so we can compare.

Sure… was never suggesting you do.! Just illustrated a potential route to help troubleshoot and narrow down whether Cubase is messing up somehow.

EDIT:- back at my machine, just tried this and see same results as @steve - in VLC or via Windows Explorer right-click → properties

One other thing I’ve just noticed - the ‘Comment’ field in Cubase ID3 editor truncates to a character limit of (what I reckon to be) 28. You can type more, but they won’t show in the exported file’s metadata.

No idea how hard and fast that is against the ID3v2 spec…

EDIT 2:- just been looking over the documentation, such that it is. For the ‘Comment’ frame, it gives the following :-

This frame is intended for any kind of full text information that does not fit in any other frame. It consists of a frame header followed by encoding, language and content descriptors and is ended with the actual comment as a text string. Newline characters are allowed in the comment text string. There may be more than one comment frame in each tag, but only one with the same language and content descriptor.

Header for ‘Comment’, ID: “COMM”
Text encoding $xx
Language $xx xx xx
Short content descrip. text string according to encoding $00 (00)
The actual text full text string according to encoding


Conclusion - I don’t know coding skills, but does this indicate Cubase should be doing any truncating after 28 characters, in this frame…?

Here’s the document link:- ID3 tag version 2.4.0 - Native Frames — Mutagen Specs 1.0 documentation (