ID3 tag - metadata character limit?

Why is there no obvious character limit when exporting with ID3 tag data, but the finish product cuts off the metadata? Why is there even a character limit?

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Where do you find the limit? WAV?
How have you checked the finished product?

Agreed. It’s one of those “Look! A feature I can use!” type of things that just ends up biting you in the butt.

To clarify - we’re talking adding metadata to MP3 Files on export. Go above a certain number of characters and they get cut off in the meta data info.

Am I to understand it only does that for mp3! I haven’t tried to add metadata to wavs yet. But yea–irritating. It’s bummer enough to add metadata in Windows. Used to be so easy just doing it in Properties!

Only mp3s and yes. Exported file cuts off the metadata.

How did you check the embedded metadata?

The export is adding ID3tag V1 data.
The fields are limited to 30 characters by definition in the standard.
And additionally, sometimes the players are unable to decode the id3 tags as intended.