IDE Options?

Hello. I am currently setting up my environment, and before I start uninstalling/reinstalling things I was curious if anyone has used VS code instead of Visual Studio? If so does anyone have a tutorial to do the setup?
Also, is the Visual Studio Community version acceptable as well? I’m very broke right now and want to use this broke free time to play with C++ and some VSTs!
Sorry to be so vague, I’m a bit tired and my search/google fu was not really helping me. I don’t want to deal with Visual Studio unless the other options are not available.
Hope your day is well!


I am using Visual Studio Code on Windows and Linux. I installed the VSC CMake Extension (CMake Tools - Visual Studio Marketplace) and afterwards VSC starts configuring the VST 3 SDK (because of CMakeLists.txt).

On Windows I had to install Visual Studio Community Edition additionally (but I never had to start/execute it) so CMake finds the MSVS Compiler.

For simplicity you can use cmd for that:
winget install Microsoft.VisualStudio.2022.Community --interactive


Thank you. It is up and running thanks to your help!

Hope your day is well!