Idea: Alt-Up/Down to modify dynamics?

When I’m composing, I often return to dynamics I’ve entered and want to alter their intensity slightly.

Here’s an idea: when a dynamic is selected, Alt-Up or -Down could raise or lower the intensity of the dynamic by one degree (as well as the other dynamics that are linked to it). This functionality would be comparable to altering the pitches of selected notes.

For example, if mf is selected, Alt-Up would change it to f, and Alt-Down would change it to mp. This would seem slightly easier than re-opening the dynamics popover (though I am quite happy with the current functionality for dynamics).

I would love that !

So would I! Great idea!

I used to use a plugin in Sibelius that does this. In Dorico I got round it by assigning 1-6 in the numeric keyboard to mp, p, pp, mf, f and ff and 7 and 8 to cresc and dim using an AHK script that opens the popover, enters the dynamic then closes it again. I also assigned 9 and 0 to link and unlink dynamics using standard Dorico shortcuts.

If the dynamics are linked, then selecting one of them and pressing the shortcut key changes them all.

These shortcuts can be used to create a dynamic or edit an existing one.

Here us the code below if anyone is interested.

#NoEnv  ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
#Warn  ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input  ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir%  ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.

#IfWinActive, ahk_class Qt5QWindowIcon

Send +d, mp, {Enter}
Send +d, p, {Enter}
Send +d, pp, {Enter}

Send +d, mf, {Enter}
Send +d, f, {Enter}
Send +d, ff, {Enter}

Send +d, <, {Enter}
Send +d, >, {Enter}

This has been requested a few times, and I agree it would be a useful addition. We hope to include it in a future version.

I would take it one step farther. The request assumes you have selected a dynamic (e.g. mf). It should also work if I select a note (or any other note-attached object) that does not currently have a dynamic. In that case, Dorico should chase backwards to the most recent dynamic on that staff, then insert a new dynamic at the selection point. If there is no previous dynamic for that staff in that flow, assume mf, which is generally taught to be “your normal playing level” (and maybe also add an mf on the first note in the flow as a courtesy.)

With such a capability, you could lay in the notes without regard to dynamics, then very quickly go through the score to bump the dynamics up and down with a minimum of keystrokes.

Cparmerlee, you’d need a different keyboard command for that :wink:

Alt-Up / Down is consistently used for moving elements throughout Dorico. It would spoil the intuitive nature of the interface to use it for another function.
You’d need to find another key-command.

The point is that, regardless of what key sequence is chosen, it should not require a dynamic to already be in place. It should be able to automatically insert a dynamic if there is not one at the selected point already. I find the current methods of inserting dynamics tedious in the extreme, requiring 10 mouse clicks when it ought to be possible to select a bunch of music and apply the dynamics to all selected staves at the same time.

We agree that it would be useful to be able to apply dynamics to multiple staves in a single operation and will make that possible in a future version. We will also make it possible to edit dynamics via a lane in Play mode, and you’ll be able to choose whether the edits you make in Play mode produce visible dynamics in Write mode.