idea for cubasis


Could it be possible to have our synths n FX apps to open from inside cubasis?

like audiobus, but internally… :wink:

now that would rock!=)


That is what IAA implementation brings…
Just wait for 2 or 3 days, maybe, and you’ll get it, with the 1.7 release :-p

Oh my… Lol

Looks like i will have to get a new ipad sometime (not soon) because this ipad 3 is staying on ios6;)


My iPad 3 works fine with iOS 7.

I’ve been working with 24+ tracks in Cubasis + effects while using multiple instruments in Sampletank.

Hey j)

Thx for your positive input)

I have ios7 on my phone and cant warm up to it just yet… (Hopefully at a .5 or 8 rls)
Good to see that things are working nicely for you:)


Have to agree with you on iOS 7. I have not yet heard anyone in my circle of family and friends who likes it. I myself hate it several of us wish we had NEVER upgraded from 6…unless you have some great app that really needs it, Stand your ground ! You know, there’s no going back

I like IAA so much it makes the iOS 7 glitches worthwhile.

Lets hope Audiobus 2.0 doesnt require ios7:P (for us on ios6;))