Idea for SAMPLER to Cubase

Thank you very much for making a sampler in Cubase. It’s great! I want to voice my idea, to develop it.

It would be great if it would be possible to add not only one sound to the sampler, but several at once, for example, as it is arranged in the kontakt player.
For example, I have 3 samples of a live open hat, and no matter what I create three separate samplers for this, it would be great if I could bring all the variations of one sound to one key, distributing this or that sound itself over the dynamics.

One word springs to mind … BACKBONE

Sounds like he’s looking for a round robin which you can’t do in backbone.

Groove agent would be a better choice.

To me it sounds like OP wants to map to velocity layers/ranges.
This can be done in HALion Sonic SE as well as in Groove Agent SE.


Why a groove agent? why halion?
In addition to drum samples, I also often use sounds that I play different melodies with. For example, I sampled the sound of a folk instrument and in these sounds there are also several dynamics options that I want to drive into the base of the already built-in sampler, which, the next time I open it, I just load the finished preset and that’s it. My sampler instrument is already loaded! Isn’t that cool?
Instead, you are now advising to use TSA again, what’s the point then?
With such success, I would not write this topic, but simply continue to use KONTAKT.

It’s about using a sampler! and not reconnect and VST and reload the project!
If there is already a built-in sampler, then I suggest you improve it! Why not?

It’s good, after all, when you immediately load the sample into the sepltrack and control the built-in functions there.

Because these instruments has the feature you’re asking for. The Sampler Track does not.

Both Halion and Groove Agent allow you to save presets.

Sorry, but I don’t know what TSA in this context means.

I consider both the above mentioned instruments to be samplers. What’s with the reloading of the project?

Perhaps you could start a new topic with feature requests for the Sampler Track if you have ideas for improvement?

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A bit of history. The version of Groove Agent that comes with Cubase does everything you want. And for years that was basically the only Sampler available without going to the full Halion. But folks found GA to be overly complicated for lots of applications. So we asked for and got a SIMPLE & BASIC sampling tool in the Sampler Track. Adding in a bunch of additional capabilities will only make the Sampler Track less simple to use - defeating its whole reason to exist.

There are 3 built in Samplers that come with Cubase (Sampler Track, Groove Agent & Halion), each optimized for different uses (simplicity, rhythmic, melodic). The Sampler Track even has a button to move everything in it over to GA or Halion for when you need additional capabilities.