Idea: Shortcut to change music styles in Text entry paragraph box

Something to consider which is in the text entry styles box, a shortcut to access the paragraph styles popup

Most of the time the first thing I’m doing is going in that box to choose a custom entry over “Default Text”. There’s already shortcuts, Ctrl-I (Italic) and so forth for changing things, if there was a Ctrl-P or something to get access to that paragraph style it would be handy to help keep the hands on the keyboard instead of mousing around.

Just an idea …

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Ah yeah, I requested this for a project where the client wanted a bunch of changes done to text items in frames over some 90 pages. That project is long in the rearview mirror, but I’m sure something like that will come up again.

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Since Dorico is feature complete for me, the only thing of interest is the speed and ease of getting the job done, so as I’m finding odds and ends to help that I put out a burnt offering and supplication on the temple lintel :grin:

Not exactly what you’re asking for, but you can program shortcuts to automatically enter text as a specific Paragraph Style. Once you hit the Save as Default star, any Paragraph Style will be available to have a shortcut assigned to it. For example, I have a style called Expressive Text which is basically just an italicized version of my default text, so I can simply input it with Shift-E.

Obviously that’s not helpful if you are modifying existing text, but just wanted to make sure you were aware of that option when inputting new text.


Oooohhhh, that’s a good one. It’s not a big deal mousing here, but sounds like making it a Default saves it to your prefs which would be handy as I keep Library coping it around anyhow. Shortcut sounds great, problem is finding one that isn’t already being used :grin:

Oh … well one other problem is the paragraph editor isn’t available on the iPad anyhow, I try to use it a lot to get off the computer

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