Ideal Video Formats


I have been having good luck so far with QT files, but wanted to hear from others who are scoring to picture. What is the ideal format(s) for working with video in C7?

Avoid long-gop formats.

On Nuendo Avid’s DNxHD and Apple’s ProRes are your friends. I use stuff that does not tax the HD too much, (Dnxhd 36 and ProRes Proxy)
Still looks great.


I’m working well with H.264 quick time files here. Just finished scoring a film no problem.


I primarily work with H264, works great without problems.
Look at this Knowledge Base article, it is from 2010 , but applies to the current video engine.[keyword_search]=video%20formats

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    yes, H264 QT is your friend.

Hey, thanks for the tips! I’m going to try the H264 route.