Ideal World.... core splitting for exporting

The amount of time we’ve all lost out of our lives for printing mixes, tv tracks, sync tracks,stems etc which all hold up the computer until their all done. In an ideal world wouldnt it be great to be able to offload the task to some other processing power and continue working. A secondary computer is one solution but then you need an exact replica of your system with access to the same files etc.

With the amount of cores in modern processors I wonder will we ever see a way of the OS splitting the power. so that we could say dedicate 10 cores to a render process and 10 cores back to continuing work in a DAW or a video rendering app?

Have you tried to multi task while exporting though? It night work, no?

Also,i think there actually is a way to limit and/dedicate cores for the daw.

There’s still a lot I could do while waiting for 5 minute exports. Before going back. Muting something and waiting again.

There’s ways to dedicate cores but no way to have Cubase export a project but also continue working with reserved power within Cubase. Cubase locks us out until the end of export.

Im not sure what for this future multitasking may take but just imagine if all exports were background tasks.

Ah, sorry, I think I misunderstood what you meant.