Ideas - Usage of 2nd and 3rd MixConsole

Hi all,

I wonder how many Cubase users are using the 2nd and 3rd MixConsole and HOW (what for) they are using them.


Cheers, Ernst

I mainly use C6.5 and C5.1, so my usage of the three mixers available is more or less related to what was available in these versions. So, FWIW…

I use the 1st Mixer as a whole project overview. The 2nd one is for anything related to native audio sources (mic, line in, external instruments, this with all the input tracks) and the 3rd one is more MIDI and instrument tracks dedicated. Each of them are quickly reachable as ‘Always on top’ window status with its own F3, F4 or F5 dedicated key command.

But this where it is somehow linked to my pre-C7 versions experience and usage, as it allows me, for the 2nd and 3rd mixers, to usually keep all my tracks with a ‘wide’ status (useful, especially for being able to quickly set, i.e. the input gain). With C7 (which I still don’t use except for testing, for several reasons mainly UI related…), I have kept more or less the same way of doing, as an habit, I guess…

Aloha E,

In some earlier versions of C7, Mixer #1 would at
times get seriously ‘wonky’.

That’s when I would use Mixer #2 or sometimes
I even had to go to Mixer #3.

Using the latest updates I don’t seem to have that prob anymore.

Those are the only times I use(d) #2 or #3.

I think the new mixer kind of alleviates the need to use multi mixers.

I can ‘sticky’ channels to the left or right to create channel groups in one mixer, which is what I did using 2-3 mixers before. Main thing I want to do is be able to distinguish 3 ‘zones’ in the mixer. Being able to toggle things on/off so quickly is a plus for the new mixer.

In previous versions I used 2 mixers.
1st Mixer used for audio and VST Instrument channels.
2nd Mixer used for Groups and FX channels.

This worked great because it was so easy and fast
to open and close the mixers… The Key Commands
for the mixers worked like they should! Remember that?
Scrolling the mixers wasn’t needed unless the track count
got quite high and then of course, I could always open the 3rd mixer.

Now the Mixer key commands don’t work correctly, (Open and Close)
and this, as well as the other various issues, have forced me
to change my whole mixer work flow.

So now I use one mixer.
I miss being able to use to multiple mixers,
it was faster and easier to see everything at a glance.

So Nuendo 6 has changed my mixer work flow,
but only because of the bugs that are still in the software.
Bugs that should have been eradicated before the first release.

Due to now being able to modify the width of channels as a whole; i find that projects with minimal track counts or which have a channel count relative to monitor width at the maximised (track width) setting, it results in a smoother and more conducive workflow.

I use it like this, on two screens:
1st console (F3) is temporary, opens on 1st screen as needed
2nd console (ctrl+F3) is temporary too, set to show inputs only, it is high so that all inserts are visible
3rd console is open all the time on second screen, minimal size in width and height, to show just faders and bars.
I never use consoles in full screen mode, I prefer to keep some space arround for other things.

I believe I am still having the problem with mixer settings from project to project. If I make the channels wide on the minimal project, then go to another project, the channels settings stick. :imp:

This defeats the purpose of customization.

Mixer settings are on a per-project basis.

Mixer 1: Instruments, VOX and Audio
Mixer 2: Drums, Samples
Mixer 3: Groups and FX


1st mixer - all individual instruments
2nd mixer - main groups and fx channels
3rd mixer - only the loudness meter

mostly use the 3rd - i’m doing 95% work in inspector.