Identifying which frequency is creating overs

If I’ve asked this before, sorry.

I have a visual disability so I don’t use metering as much as I probably could/should.

During playback, I’ll occasionally notice some brief peaks in the waveform display or that the limiter is catching that I’m not sure I can hear.

What is the fastest/easiest way for me to zoom in on that spot and then ‘see’ -which- portion of the frequency spectrum is where the energy is located.

Sometimes it is not obvious. Eg. It might be an orchestral tutti (Stravinsky Firebird Suite III the opening staccato sample everyone used to use.)

How do I identify the amount of energy in each freq. band?

My assumption is that someone who mixes better than moi would then return to the original mix and tweak that particular instrument, right?


id probably sweep the area when playing it using the frequency eq (with the speaker icon on) which will isolate the frequencies you are listening too, or do the same using fabfilter


Many way’s to analyse audio in WL
wav in Audio File Editor
Spectrogram, Wavelet
together with Meter’s
or use Analyse with Edit cursor, Audio selection
and Meters or use 3D Frequency Analysis e.t.c

regards S-EH

One idea: Use the Error Detection tool with the following settings. This will create markers around the hot spots and give you an idea about where clipping occurs. Of course, this feature operates on a static audio file; that is, real-time plugins are ignored.
Note that the related Correction tool is only suitable if you have one clip here and there. If you have multiple clips, you should use a Declipper plugin (this one is the best: Stereo Tool - Thimeo)


This looks intriguing. Thanks! Is there a way I can zoom in and then switch to the Spectrogram view (with the different colours for frequency) at the same exact spot in playback?

Yes. This is a normal wave view I show you.