Idisplay as second monitor?

I would like to use my android tablet as a second monitor and found the app iDisplay. It’s 20 dollars and there are some bad reviews. Does anyone have experience with this software or maybe knows a better way to use a tablet as second monitor?

I don’t use a Mac, so don’t know of any OS X (primary) to Android (secondary) remote display solutions.

I have used Spacedesk, which allows Android and iOS devices to act as remote displays for a Windows computer. At the moment, it is still in what has been several years of beta testing - and it’s free. The developers intend to release a more fully featured version later this year as a paid for product.

These days, I sometimes use a Surface Go running Windows 10 Pro (mine is the business version of Surface Go with Windows 10 Pro, not the consumer version with Windows 10 Home) as a wireless display on another Windows 10 Pro computer. The necessary functionality is built into Windows 10.

I have not used idisplay. Fortunately I have an iPad and the app Duet works flawlessly for the same function although it’s wired only. I know that doesn’t help you; this much I’ll say however: the most recent youtube review of the program is 2 years old that I can see (and in Japanese. The most recent English review is 3 years old.) Many more are 4 or 5 years old. If the developers haven’t been updating the product or attracting new attention (and therefore no one is taking the trouble to make fresh reviews) I’d be leery. Lots of apps have oodles of reviews on YT from all sorts of people; this one seems to only have very old info.

Duet works very well on a MacBookPro with an iPad Pro. You do have to connect them physically, although they have an Air version which works wirelessly. Very handy for working on the road.

Vaughan, I find that as soon as I plug the iPad into the Mac, the iPad starts charging, which uses up the MBP’s battery quickly. Is that the same for you, or is there a way round it?

Apple’s next set of OSes (showcased tomorrow, due in September), is rumoured to allow using an iPad as a display for a Mac.

That’s correct, Ben. When I’m working away from home I’m still usually able to plug in the MBP so running the iPad off of it isn’t a problem. Using the Air version would ameliorate that, although extensive use of bluetooth uses battery, as well, and there might be a lag, although I haven’t had a reason to try it that way. I’m also looking forward to the possibility of the next OS to use the iPad natively as a second monitor.

i use (used, tried) various second Screen Solutions, like Air Display 3, duet, iDisplay, but on iOS devices.
iDisplay has some nice Features other apps havent, like bringing a window to the iOS devices Display from the IOS Display itself, or zooming the Display, while being cumbersome to use this feature…

However, iDisplay did work quite well, as did Air Display and Duet. However, I dont use it anymore, cause it Needs too much cpu power, and isnt quite as ergonomic as I thought it would be.