If anyone is looking for the perfect midi controller for C9

I can’t stop recommanding the NektarPanorama (P1,P4 or P6).

I got a P4…never had a midi controller going so deep in cubase integration. You can go from 98% of time watchin the PC screen using mouse and keyboard shortcuts…now my eyes are on the PC screen only 40% of the time, a hand on the mouse the other on the Nektar.

Transport stuffs are great. VST(i) integration is quite amazing straight from the factory. Most of the common VST(i)s are premapped.

Great product build…the mapping of the 12 pads on the fly is awesome (though i had an Akai MPD226, and those pads are better). You can scale the pads to minor/major/spanish and so many other scales. I wish the MPD226 could do this as easily as the Nektar.

Thanks for the review. I’m thinking about one of these.

Does it have a mapping for the low and hi cut filters in cubase. I see it only has 8 knobs for eq which I’m assuming don’t cover the filters…

no sadly, the pre-EQ are not mapped.
i never tried to map it myself tho…i will try :wink:

but i’ve never saw a so deep integration in cubase (plus on a nice touch/feel keyboard)

I fully agree! I’ve been using the Panorama P1 for almost 3 years now and it takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it it works like a charm.

To be able to control the low and hi cut filters you can configure the quick controls in Cubase and map the the 8 encoder on the the top. Also basically you can program every slider or knob to do something else if you want to and save this as a preset. The issue in the beginning was that there wasn’t much info or a decent manual available but nowadays there’s some nice tutorials on YouTube and also on the Nektar site they have some good documentation.

Another cool thing about the Panorama is that you can create your own macros to do all sorts of tasks and that can be a real time saver. I’d really advice you to give that a try.

true! that “f-keys” switch to get some “own programmed” macros is dope, jut a bit not finger friendly lol

Tring to get my expression pedal working at the moment on the p6. Have you explored using one.
Any tips?

Nope, sadly I dont have a pedal linked to my P4 (i’m not a real good live player). (got one to set my subwoofer on/off without breaking my back down under my desk lol)

Thanks. It’s something I reach for a lot in Cubase . I wish steinberg would allow access to the pre section in the remote device setup.

Anywho, glad the rest of the integration and touch is good. Am going to check one out at a music shop next month.

I have not managed to set up my expression pedal on the P6 either!

I’ve managed to get that going. What problems are you having?

Hi I have been busy and missed your reply.
I have an m-audio EX-P pedal.
It causes the P6 to change the fader screen when I switch the polarity (so is recognised)
But I cannot get the pedal to learn or effect anything in Cubase.
Have tried quick control , volume ect but there seems to be no communication between them.
Great if you or anyone could help.

I have the same pedal

ON the P6

Press “internal”
Press “setup”
Select “control edit” with the data encoder
Press “enter”
Move the expression pedal
Turn the data encoder to select the type of message you would like the pedal to send (for example CC11)
Press “setup” again
Select “save” and then enter and save your setup.

You should now find that moving the expression pedal sends CC11 to cubase.

Hope that helps.

No for some reason I do what you suggest but it still doesn’t seem to have any effect on volume or quick controls.
Maybe it’s a bad one I bought it from new.but I have tried it on a few midi keyboards and controllers over the years
Thanks anyway I will buy another and see if I get more joy like that.

If you press record on the track, does any midi data get received by cubase?