If i buy Cubase 9 Artist, can i get Cubase *8* Artist?


Thanks everyone for the answers about Cubase 8/9 Elements. It’s really really good. There are some things i’m missing, like the midi transformations. So i’m planning on upgrading to Artist or Pro this weekend. But one thing, i usually run Cubase 8 now so i can use all my old 32 bit things. There is actually a Cubase 8 Pro trial to download somewhere on these pages, but i can’t find a Cubase 8 Artist trial. And i don’t think i find the Cubase 9 Artist trial either. Is it the same file as Pro? I don’t have to try Cubase 8 Artist, i just need to know i can actually install it after i buy the Cubase 9 Artist license.



Yes, with Cubase Artist 9 license, you are able to run Cubase 8/7/6… Artist too.

Cubase Pro and Cubase Artist shares the same application. So once you download Cubase 8 Pro, Cubase 8 Artist will start with your Artist license. OK, it will ask you, so you can run Pro too, but after the 30 days Trial, only Cubase Artist will start.