If I buy Cubase elements 7, will I get also Halion Sonic SE?

well the title says all, I want to use Halion Sonic SE in a live application but without to use the hard elicencer (dongle).

What in your opinion is “Halion HS”…?
What it does come with is a plugin reference pdf that lists all included FX and instruments.

Jeez, so many gurus in the forum now, Halion Sonic SE.

Hopefully someone who knows (or have Cubase Elements) knows because in the Line-up page doesn’t say

3 virtual instruments with more than 900 presets

But the comparison chart does. The answer is yes. (I googled Cubase Comparison :wink: ) http://www.steinberg.net/fileadmin/files/PRODUCTS/Cubase/Generation_7/Cubase_7/Downloads/Cubase_Comparison_Chart.pdf

Ohh mighty google!

Thanks Steve!

As long as at least you know, what you´re talking about… :unamused:

Yeap, now I need to know my name.

I actually thought, based on the OP, that you were trying to determine if you would get a free copy of Cubase LE if you bought HALion Sonic.

mmm, I didn’t notice that, I will rephrase the title