if I buy WL 10 can I use 8.5?

I need to buy a copy of Wavelab 8.5.

If I buy Wavelab 10 will it allow me to use previous versions?

Yes, more recent licenses always allow running lower versions in the Steinberg universe.

Since full installers are available via the Steinberg download assistant - if you license allows - suggest you consider the v9 series instead of falling way back to v8.

v8 was a tad unsteady for it’s duration whereas v9 - (especially 9.5.5) was much more mature and very solid.


I’m on 8.5, even though i bought 10, because i feel 10 isn’t quite working right yet.

Agreed that 10 needs more time to get right - but 9.5.5 is about as good as it gets right now.


Really? What’s not ‘right’ for you? The feedback would no doubt be valuable to PG’s team.