If I create a track preset with Kontakt7.vst3 , will it work when upgrading?

Hello, I want to start a big database of kontakt patches in the form of track presets. But does this mean that I will need to have kontakt 7 installed even after upgrading to kontakt 8 in the future? Otherwise, cubase will not find the path

Is it correct?

Yes this is true
I had to recreate all my instrument tracks from Kontakt 5 full to Kontakt 7 Player
But it seems to me that Kontakt 5 lasted 7 years and Kontakt 6 at least 4 years
Kontakt 7 was released at the end of 2022 it seems to me
so there is still a little time
What I like most with Kontakt 7 but also with Opus which replaced Play 6 from Easwest (it was also the same problem as Kontakt)
this is the purge function of all instances
and when you have a lot of tracks it’s really great

But that’s two different products. Kontakt ≠ Kontakt Player.

yes but the names are different
Kontakt 5 = Kontakt 5
Kontakt 6 = Kontakt
Kontakt 7= Kontakt 7

I prefer track archives rather than track presets
because you can keep your routing
control parameters, colors etc.

I don’t have Kontakt 7 yet, so I can’t comment on its name (filename or announced name).
But I believe in the past, NI has had their current version of Kontakt named simply “Kontakt” and the previous versions got the version number added.

Here are the Cubase plugins
Those with the three small lines are therefore the most recent VST3s.
but the names are very different
the workaround is to save the instruments also in kontakts the NKIs
that it is possible to recover then in the new version of kontakt

@Freudon : What is this “purge from all instances” feature ? I am not aware of that !

@Freudon I like track archives for a specific set of tracks. But for general purpose tracks, I like to quickly navigate with the right pane + I really like the tagging feature of the track presets

Is there a workaround for renaming Kontakt7.vst3 to Kontakt.vst3 or is this dangerous?

You have this global purge function of all instances since Kontakt 7.1.3

and even with the Player version

and the same principle with Opus

So it detects all kontakt instances on your project and update sample pool, that’s really good !! thanks for showing me