If I crossgrade from a Steinberg product to Absolute 5 do I have to give up my original license?

I’m not sure where to post this question. I’ve tried to contact Support in the US, but have gotten no response in 4 days. I have tried to contact “regular” support, but I keep getting rerouted to the US support page & I’ve been there & done that. So. Here I am. Hopefully this is simple enough to answer for anyone who had done this before.
My question:
If I crossgrade from a Steinberg product to say, Absolute 5 do, I have to give up my original license or am I able to keep my original license?

I have Absolute 5 already & was trying to find some info about purchasing a second license. I got no response from support, so I looked around & found the crossgrade stuff. I do have HALion6 & Groove Agent 5 as individual licenses (not part of Absolute 5) & can crossgrade from either of those. However, there’s a $30 price difference if I use HALion rather than Groove Agent, but if I have to give up one of those licenses to crossgrade, I then have to choose which of those I could part with. Since I can’t get an answer from support, I had to see if I could find more info before pay more than I should or lose a piece of software for no good reason.

Thank you to anyone who knows the answer & can save me with the knowledge required to proceed. .

Yes. The Absolute License will replace your original license.

Example: You own Groove Agent 5 and Crossgrade to Absolute 5. The Groove Agent 5 License will be replaced by the Absolute 5 License.

The only time you keep your original license with a Steinberg Crossgrade is when you crossgrade from a 3rd Party product to a Steinberg Product (since they can’t remove another vendor’s license from your ownership).