If I download cubase elements 11 full version, will it replace my cubase elements 10.5?

Hey there. I can’t find anywhere that sells an upgrade from Cubase elements 10.5 to Cubase elements 11. If I just buy the full version of elements 11, will it replace 10.5 and will I lose anything in the transition?

Hi and welcome,

No, these are 2 independent applications. Your Cubase Elements 10.5 application will remain after any other Cubase installation.

Can you not purchase the update directly from the Steinberg shop?

Cubase: Your guide to music production | Steinberg

The update will convert your license but, as Martin says, you will not “lose” anything. You will still be able to run 10.5, if necessary.


If you buy a full version, you will get 2 licenses. So you can activate every single license to a dedicated computer. So you would have 2 computers with Cubase Elements licenses (one would be Cubase Elements 10.5, another one would be Cubase Elements 11). But this is probably not your goal, if you are asking if your Cubase Elements 10.5 remains.

If you buy an update, your Cubase Elements 10.5 license will be replaced by Cubase Elements 11 license. So you will still be owner of one license, Cubase Elements 11 in this case.