If I have The Grand 2 license, can it be registered to the current steinberg account?

I’m about to get a boxed product of TG2 from the second hand market, but I’m worried that it wouldn’t work with the current registration system.

Also, is the library going to become useless if I lost the USB elicenser of it?

Thanks for reading.

It will also work with TG2, as soon as the earlier owner unregisters it from his account (if he / she had registered it already). If he/she doesn´t unregister from their account, you can not register it to your account.

Basically - yes. But if your USB key with the License on it is registered at Steinberg, you will get one replacement license if you shoulkd lose your USB eLicenser.

Just 1 time? I probably want to use TG2 for the rest of my life, so… I would pay for the replacement service. Is there no way around?

If the USBs of that particular license becomes physically unavailable at a certain point in the future, is it the end of it, unless I get another again from the market?

I think the one replacement is for theft / 0 downtime. If the license key breaks, they will transfer the license to a new key for you as often as it breaks. Best to check the Steinberg site. They do have a knowledgebase article about all that.