If I own 3 UR units, why is there only 1 license of Basic FX Suite Plugins?

I use the ur (824,44 etc) on different machines etc, but elicenser seems to only let me have 1 version registered…what am I doing wrong?

You didn’t activate two of the codes, I guess. Each unit came with a separate activation code.

Thanks Steve. Well thats the thing…when I go to mysteiny/licenses, I have registered one of the codes, it doesnt tell me which machine etc and says 1 license.

I dont know where the other 2 cards ended up…I still have the boxes but no cards. I contacted local support in Australia and never got a reply from them so Im not wasting my time with them again.


I don’t recall at the moment, but is there a place to add a new device, maybe via its serial number? I seem to remember something like that, but it was a longish while back. Might be wrong…

Yep…have at least 2 registered hardware units
Are you saying that I can get the extra activation code along with the hardware?

I presume so.

Unfortunately brings me back to getting activation codes based on my ownership of the hardware which I cant get any answer in Australia :frowning: