If I touch the MIDI channel volume fader by accident, How to recover it to the default OFF position?

If I touch the MIDI channel volume fader by accident, How to recover it to the default OFF position? If it is manually moved to the OFF position or type “Off” in the input box in the mixer view, there will be no sound at all. But when a midi track is created the fader position by default is OFF.

May I know what the OFF is equivalent to? Is it 100 of 127? Any official explanation about this design?

Type “-1” into the fader’s text entry field. Makes no sense whatsoever, but that’s how to set it back to “Off”.

Thank you. It works for turning back to OFF. But the actually value is as that before applying this input. For example, if the volume fader is 30, it keeps 30 and if it is 100 before input, it keeps 100.

May I know what is the default value for a MIDI track with the initiate OFF? By ear, it seems to be 127.

I honestly don’t know what the default value is. I think it used to be 100 back in the Atari days…and that was determined by the fader’s default position in the GUI. The thing is, if you are setting the volume of an external piece of MIDI gear, that setting stays in place once you set the Cubase fader to “Off”. The external unit’s volume control now becomes independent from Cubase until you set to anything other than Off.

I guess what you can do is set the fader to some arbitrary position along the track that permits some headroom above it that sounds ok, then look at the external unit and see what it’s showing as it’s volume level. Whatever that number is, is your personal “default” level.

I have a ton of external synths and haven’t used Cubase to control their volumes via MIDI in years. I keep Cubase MIDI faders set to “Off”, set a max volume on the synth and do volume control with Cubase’s audio channels fed from the synth’s audio outputs. Much better resolution and control.

But that’s me. If you prefer to control volume strictly MIDI, try what I suggested in the 2nd paragraph. Start with 100 and see if that gives you enough volume and headroom. Pick your own “default”.

I only use virtual MIDI instruments.

In it’s off state the midi fader did not send any data at all, so it will be what is in the external synth. That depends on the external synth. For most it will be 127. For some multitimbral with a mixer like a sound canvas or workstation synth it might be different like 100.

i only use virtual instruments

OK…I’m just guessing now that this is what you’re looking for and this is what I’d consider…

I wouldn’t even bother with the MIDI faders. Just set ‘em all to “Offl in your template (or Project in progress) and forget about them. Just use the audio faders for the associated instrument and rack tracks. Again, the resolution is superior to MIDI’s 128 steps. If you need to readjust the general level of the virtual instruments, you can do it in their interfaces…and they won’t be fighting something you did with the MIDI faders…because they’re set to “Off”. They’ll stay in place next time you open the Project…and you’ll only have one place to deal with for high resolution automated volume mixing.

Remember, once they’re set to “Off” you can set your plug-in’s level to any volume you like and it will remain undisturbed. The advantage is, you mix with the Mixer’s faders and if you need a slight overall boost or cut, you can raise or lower the plug-in’s level without disturbing the moves you may have automated with the audio faders.

Other than that, I think I answered your original question correctly.

Yes. That is normally what I do. My question is: if the MIDI volume fader is touched by accident, how to set them to the default OFF position? Even by tying the “-1” in the input entry, the fader actually keeps the value before -1 was input. What I want to know is the actually default value for a MIDI OFF channel.

What I want to know is the actually default value for a MIDI OFF channel.

There isn’t any. When you set the fader to “Off” it’s off. There is no “On” that reverts back to some default number. There is only the value you set when you move the MIDI fader or type in a value other than -1. There is no Preference reset for this either.

That’s why I (and Vinark) suggested you pick a value that works for you.