If I upgrade to Cubase 12, can I upgrade to 13 if I don't activate my license?

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In the past, if you upgraded your Cubase verison but didn’t activate it until the following version was released, you would get a free upgrade to the newest version.

e.g. I own Cubase 11 Pro and purchase Cubase 12 Pro today but don’t activate until 13 Pro is released, I would have historically gotten Cubase 13 Pro for free as I would fall into the grace period.

Is this still the case with Steinberg licensing?

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Yes, when you redeem the code you’ll always get the current version.

The grace period is when you redeem the code within the one or two months before the next version gets released, so we can’t really call it as such. If you redeem the code when 13 is out then you’ll get 13. If you wait until 14 then you’ll get 14, and of course the grace period also applies.

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If you don’t activate the Cubase 12 licence will the free plugins still be available or is that on,y after activation Cubase?

The free plugin vouchers are only available if you activate your Cubase 12 license. Just purchasing the license doesn’t count.

If a version 12.5 comes before that, no.

@maggie I could be wrong but i do not think there are x.5 versions anymore. From now on it will be once a year (released on a Wednesday lol) so next will be 13 then there will be 14.

Most of these new free plugins that were just announced seemed to say that you need to take advantage of them before Oct 4th.

I’ll be getting it next week when the rush is over and I have some time. Looks like I’ll be activating then.

I think the jump from 11 to 12 was only because of the new licensing system. I can rather imagine that x.5 versions will come next. Otherwise you would have to pay 99.99€/$ every year, which would make Cubase-Updates more expensive.

@maggie I seem to remember when 12 was released they also stated that X.5 was also not a future thing for any versions.

But you could well be correct. Having said that i guess it doesn’t really matter what they call them, but i do pay that for upgrades every year anyway. The X.5 or X.0 was never prices any different in the UK.