IF inserts ≯ 8 THEN super advanced plugin chainer??

I would LOVE to have infinite inserts, it’s been on my Cubase wishlist for 10 long years. I’m an advanced user and I’m not happy with the suggested workarounds (render, use a 3rd party chainer, route through busses, use less inserts, use sends creatively, etc).

My top request would be to have infinite inserts. HOWEVER, I understand the concerns that this could upset the existing mixer, which I absolutely wouldn’t be in favour of. More inserts would have to be implemented in a way that’s invisible to any user who only ever uses a handful of inserts.

I’ve created a thread with a poll about my idea for a potential solution, which I’ve quoted an excerpt from here:

I’ve created a poll: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=250&t=107456

If you’ve already voted, you may need to vote again as I added an extra option and then the poll reset. :blush:

Didn’t know it would do that!