If nuendo gets the same ui as cubase i'm not going to upgrade anymore

And i think im not alone about this.

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What in particular is bothering you with what is shown in Cubase 13 as far as the Graphic User Interface? Nuendo will definitely get the same interface as Cubase as they are essentially the same application. There may be some subtle changes in the near future with Cubase if enough people complain, but it isn’t going to stay the same as version 12. If that happens, then it will also happen with Nuendo.

If you are really asking, there are at least three active threads discussing the problems with C13 GUI.


I saw some comments about various things but they seemed more like minor gripes than a showstopper. Is it people just not liking the new style or is because of readability issues? It’s great and good for Steinberg to be aware of these things so they can maybe enhance what you can customize regarding fonts/readability more than what is possible now or just improve it in the first place. With that said, I’m wondering what is the showstopper here to prevent wanting to get an upgrade?

I think it’s more about the fact that quite a few of the announced changes come unasked for and are ignoring (or even diametrically opposed to) many of the requests and wishes expressed by users here and elsewhere - some of them since many years.


That’s fair. It begs the question though: Is a product’s sole purpose to serve its current customers and their specific preferences, or is a company free to make whatever product they see fits the market and their view of the future best, whether that aligns with some current customers or not?

There is a whole business theory called the ‘innovator’s dilemma’ (several books on the topic), that describes the risks and pitfalls to just serving the current customers above all else. Companies have become quite aware of those risks.

That is not to defend what SB did (and I haven’t looked at it in detail). It’s also not to say that sometimes companies end up with an executive who thinks he/she has a brilliant vision which only turns out to be an epic disaster.

I’m only saying that while it’s natural that customer would want ‘my feature’ first and foremost, or at least ahead of anything else, this is not an entitlement of any kind. Of course if an ‘organization decides to make a change’ as the movie line goes, disappointed customers are free to be vocal about it. But see it as a ‘disagreement of direction’, not a failure.

Who knows what market research and feedback SB considered when they decided to prioritize like they apparently did. We can only guess.

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No doubt about that, and considering that a part of me also works in the audio software business, my own message was in fact meant more as a clarification than a complaint.

Still I don’t see much reason in ignoring the concentrated experience of the existing user base. These people have sometimes several decades of experience not only with the application at hand (plus its 12 preceding - and paid! - versions), but more or less the whole competition, too.

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We’d have to hear their rationale before we can say they ‘ignored’ it. The event on the 15th would be a good opportunity for SB to explain why they prioritized what they did, and if/when some of the other features may be coming, or if they just don’t believe in them and the users asking for them.

English is not my first language, so the finer subtext of the term “ignoring” might have been lost in translation. Undisputedly, Steinberg have not implemented most of the eagerly awaited bug fixes, options, workflow improvements or new features. Instead, they seem to be cutting existing ones.

I would prefer Steinberg to spend time making Nuendo more useful than prettier.

No, you are not. I will not upgrade either. May be it makes sense to add your thoughts in this thread as well Will Nuendo 13 have the same new GUI as Cubase 13 - #36 by Ehabmxd . Of course the title of the thread is not perfect, but there are not an single person there who welcomes the changes. Everybody strongly oppose the changes because apart from Cubendo GUI beining fugly and inconsitent mess for years, with the new changes it became hard on eyes, again. White Bold fons on bright rectangles. Bold fonts are aggressive - #2 by Ted_Perlman2 The more people are complaining in the same thread the more visible it is for Steinberg and others.