If Nuendo is going to be the standard in game audio, then we need this feature;


I do audio design for themed parks, the workflow is very similar to game audio, it requires heavy video support and all the goodies Nuendo has to offer (including game-connect).
I would love to see a ‘multiple sequences within projects’, almost how DP or Adobe Premiere work, each sequence could have their own video and tempo map or could share one with a time code offset. Also, each sequence’s tracks could be routed to a unique set of Group channels/master, for consistency at the mixdown.
If SB wants to attract game audio people, they need to understand the workflow, we often work on small sections that are very similar and need to reside within the same project, but with a different TC position and tempo map.
A ‘multiple-sequences’ project would also be a blessing for film composers, it would really set Nuendo apart from any other program.

One can always dream…right?


I have suggested something like this as a feature some time ago in the Nuendo 7 forums. Without any feedback. Such things also take a lot more time than one major version. I also asked this specific question to Timo, the Marketing & Business Development Manager of Steinberg. See here, 5th quote:


It’s not a lot to go by, very vague. But they are thinking about “something”. Seems to be a longer way off, though.

Oh yes, I must have missed that post, you made excellent suggestions Chris and a good point about the non-linear nature of game audio.

Of course Timo has a point. While game audio is non-linear, the single sound effect of course IS linear. But it’s just not practical to line everything up in the SAME timeline. It would be a lot easier to organize single sound effects in their own sub-timlines, so to speak. Something like that.

Currently my major problem is exporting a vast amount of individual sound effects with the correct naming convention. If you have one audio clip on the timeline it works well. You can export single events and name them. But when you have layered sounds on multiple tracks to form one sound effect, you have to manually work with cycle markers to export many sounds at once. And this management of cycle markers is tedious. I wish there was something better to just grab a bunch of sounds and export them in a batch.

I guess you can bounce them in place, making a single sound clip of them. But this again is an intermediate step costing time and it’s unnecessary. Then I can as well create cycle markers.

Anyway. I wish Steinberg thinks of something fast. It would be a tremendous time saver!

One idea I suggested is to make folder overviews exportable. You put your multi-track sound effects into a folder. When you close that folder, you see those ghost outlines of the tracks inside it. It would be nice if you could handle them just as any audio clip and export it. Nuendo would then intelligently solo only the tracks in that folder, creating a cycle region around this ghost audio clip, and export it. This would be a great help! Currently you cannot do anything but move this thing.

+1 for this. Exporting multiple layers of a sound is a tedious and time consuming process. I’m not sure what the solution is, but the problem is in desperate need of an answer.

You can work around it by rendering in place, or batch exporting group tracks, but these require many intermediary steps or a lot of logic/routing work that doesn’t have a fluid workflow.

Multiple time lines +1