If Quick Control "Learn" is enabled, delete key can no longer delete events

I often leave “Quick Control Learn” enabled, so that whenever I select a new parameter with my mouse, I can easily edit the parameter with a single knob–fast, simple and effective.
However, I notice that if the “Quick Control Learn” is enabled and I select an event in the project, an audio clip for example, I can no longer use the delete key to delete the event. Instead it seems that the quick control holds keyboard focus and when the delete key is pressed, the currently learned parameter is deleted.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Open an empty project.
  2. Add an audio track.
  3. Draw in an audio event.
  4. Enabled “QC Learn Mode” for the audio track.
  5. Select the first QC slot.
  6. Adjust the volume fader so that it learns the volume parameter.
  7. Select the audio event from step 3.
  8. Press the delete key.

Result: The learned Quick Control parameter is deleted.
Expect Result: The audio event is deleted.