If The Light Is On

Been a while since I’ve posted but I have recorded a lot of stuff recently. Hope I will be able to post some soon from a Latin Rock album we are doing. This song features some good friends and was my only contribution (writing wise) to project. We did everything in one pass and limited ourselves to no overdubs lol. I wish I had used a virtual piano instead of the beat up upright where we recorded but oh well :frowning: Guitarist mixed this one
Kenny Zarider-Piano Composer, Scott Goudeau - Guitar, Jon von Boehm- Bass, Robert Harsen-Drums, Chris West - Sax Recorded at Brown Owl Studio no overdubs…an old upright Piano, Gretsch drums, Selmer Sax, Whatever Jon is playing bass on :slight_smile: (phil Jones amps) Scott plays Gibson


Yeah well…erm…this is a level I can only dream of…just feeeeenominal !!! :mrgreen:

Great, jazzy latin grooves, lovely playing all round. I like the sound of the guitar and I think a bit of tubey goodness can work well with acoustic lineups but I wonder if this particular tone is a bit too far along the fuzz spectrum for the rest of the ensemble. Great tune and playing nonetheless.


yes i agree with plectrumboy ,i think the kit is a little bit too prominent in the mix at times for this style ,i think the rock part of it as to come from the playing not the mix the Latin flavor is fantastic though.

Thanks Steve and Polgara for the great comments, this one was cut for guitarist on band project.

I have actually thought about doing a different version with me, sax and percussion (maybe bass?) just not sure for my new record. I think I’ll need to find a bassist that has a Baby Bass and can play this stuff well if i do that.
I really enjoyed that we did this tune one time though with a minimal setup, recorded 10 tunes ( I think) that day…

Great writing, as usual! To me the drums sound great. Piano, not so much. I don’t mean the playing, I mean the upright. Guitar, well, never let the guitarist mix it!

Did the best I could and shared on Google+.

You’re right there’s only one thing wrong with it…it needs more listeners!

Thanks, the upright doesn’t sound so great but you should of heard it when I started :frowning: I’m gonna quote you on that guitar mixing thing on your next one lol.

Thanks so much for your help in sharing!!! I know it is hard to get folks to listen to anything especially this kind of music.

Awesome. Possibly even better than awesome.
Talent shows through & a great mix.

Great track all round really, even more so for one pass. The improvising skills are admirable. I hear what you mean with the piano, the sampled piano(s) you use do actually sound better. Still, great performance as usual.

Regarding the guitar I thought that the note choices on the solos were very good (even more so for one time through) though I agree that it sounded too messy. Less distortion would be a good idea to complement the timbre of the other instruments. However, when shredders like Paul Gilbert and Yngwie Malmsteen use this amount or more of distortion the notes still sound very clean and crisp when playing solos because they use the fleshy skin on their fretting hand fingers to contribute to muting the strings resulting in very clean notes even with high amounts of distortion. It’s a common shredding technique, though I don’t often see guitarists outside of a shredding style using (or knowing) it.

I enjoyed listening anyway, thanks for posting. Good luck, have fun with the latin rock album.

I admire your skills, playing jazz like that requires real artistic talent. So relaxing listening to this, I get absorbed by each instrument in the mix and my ears can’t be in enough places, so much enjoyment. And for me great to hear the distortion guitar playing jazz like this, haven’t heard it before. Sounds like all the players are so good on their instruments and come together as one unit, giving each one his/her opportunity in the spotlight. I’m not a big jazz fan but when I listen to music like this it pulls me in. You make me an instant fan ! Should be such an experience to see this performed live !!

Congratulations on a great production.

Thanks, Jonathan, to be even spoken of in regards to those names is a compliment, I can’t wait to share some of Scott’s compositions, you can really hear some incredible work on those! I don’t know what he is doing with them but hopefully be free to post soon. Scott does things in Steve Vai/John Mclaughlin style. With everything important written out for band. Difficult stuff to get through :slight_smile:

That is the nicest compliment ever, I may ask to use your statement. I hope we play live, I joined the band in studio as they weren’t using keys in the few gigs they did prior to me doing it. Chris West the sax player is incredible and recent album Trilogy got great reviews in Downbeat. So lucky to play with these guys.

Hi kzarider

I come from a grunge, rock, country background but immediately stand in awe of the musicianship here. Absolutely brillaint!!
I used to play Gran Turismo on Playstation and this style reminds me of the part where you have to choose your car and paint colour etc :laughing: