If they're gonna charge us $100 fix the GUI

This is a message to all the nerds at Steinberg. While we appreciate the insurmountable number of obtuse and fanciful features you provide, could you set aside some focused time and resources surrounding the #1 issue on all of your fans’ minds: Make it pretty. Please. Some of us have wives and girlfriends who walk in on us producing in Cubase 10, and they won’t stop nagging about the blurry lines.

The HiDPI “upgrade” is a complete unusable and incomplete feature. You’re not really “upgrading” to Cubase 10 if you can’t use the new features. I couldn’t even explain the other new features you guys added, and I assure you that I do not know what they are, because I primarily gave you more money so that it would look good.

Holding out hope…

Well, i come from Reaper (on macbook) with it’s incredible ugly, fuzzy,unsharp and misty GUI, not retina at all.
So for me, Cubase 10’s GUI is a godsend, looking great,defined,sharp.

People’s opinions, including myself, about looks is all highly subjective.

Warm Regards.

Subjective is the word!!

I haven’t had any problems with HiDPI although, in my defence, I am using Windows 10!!

I think you’re looking for excuses not to write music…

I would at least like to be able to colorize the mix Console channels\strips like I see in Pro tools and others, that would make things more sueable for me.

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Maybe you did actually discuss this with EVERY OTHER Cubase user (though I doubt it) but I wasn’t asked before the group spoke for me. :smiley: I know, it is just an incredible exaggeration, which is the norm these days.

I don’t think a feature can be obtuse. We typically don’t apply that adjective to inanimate objects. Perhaps it was “obtusely provide”, or “you obtuse providers”…

… but certainly not obtuse features…

All good here and very much appreciating HiDPI both on my OSX and Windows workstations. No complaints from any of the engineers here, so I guess it’s subjective. Re the use of the word ‘obtuse’ to describe a feature, you’ve lost me there. Maybe add a signature to your profile with comp specs and a screenshot or two so we can all see what’s bugging you.

I’m not thrilled (to say the least) with the graphics in Cubase Pro 10, but, I also know it is time for me to update my video card and fresh install everything and run the DAW under Win 10.