If you bought through cross-grade, don't sweat a refund.

For many years, Sibelius was (save possibly for MuseScore, which I really need to get into, I confess) the bleeding edge of music notation. The guys who put all that together have now given us Dorico, and that alone gives me the reassurance I need to keep my investment.

Also, the cross-grade pricing is for a limited time (Steinberg should have told us how ‘limited’), and that along with Daniel-and-team’s track record forced my hand happily into clicking the ‘order’ button. Grab it while it’s cheap (relatively).

I think I speak for (almost?) everyone, Steinberg, when I lay no blame on lack of functionality on Daniel and the Dorico team and lay it right at your feet. You, Steinberg, were the people who decided a fourth-quarter release when repeat-endings were not completed was the way to go when possibly the best thing to have done would have been to wait until January…but that leads us to post-Christmas-no-money, which leads me to believe perhaps your hand really was forced after all.

Of course, this is the 2nd day of the life of this software, and when the quick patches come (and I have to think in the next few months there will be a jazillion of them), this whole conversation will be moot.

Then again, let’s not bite the hand that scooped up the old Sibelius team from oblivion and gave it a new life, a blank slate, and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The Sibelius-to-Steinberg saga is one of the feel-good karmic events in Western business in the past twenty years, and seeing what you have done to bring Dorico to life does my soul no end of good.

Congratulations, Steinberg & Dorico team!

I will order the crossgrade, even though I can’t use Dorico now in any meaningful way for the work I do, since it doesn’t yet support chord symbols. But to echo jeffrags’ sentiment above, I’m buying this now because of the team – the people behind Dorico are arguably the best in the field. They most likely know the features that most of us need or want, and they will come. It must be an awesome feeling for the Sibelius team to get a “do-over” – to create a notation software package from scratch, using all the knowledge they have gained along the way. I’m in.