if you can replace cubase le?

/ Sorry for my bad language english…text translated by an interpreter online /
I bought M-Audio interface -m-track pro II with the attached program cubase le8.Program installed and registered the notes problem.My computer’s OS is Win 7.Card graphic does not support Aero Peek and I can not run this version programu.Whether cubase LE8 replace an older version that does not require aero peek?

Hi and welcome,

With the Cubase 8 LE license, you can run any older Cubase version of given derivative (LE in your case). So you can install and run Cubase 7 LE (which doesn’t need Aero), Cubase 6 LE, etc.

THANK YOU for informację.Mam still the only question is whether the older version cubase le is the download page steinberg.Little engulfed’m sorry :slight_smile:


You can download Cubase LE 7.0.80 ISO here.

Already download.thank you very.To invaluable and very fast help.Regards :slight_smile: