If you could afford it, would you......

Buy the whole Spitfire collection…it’s either that or buy a new (2nd-hand car) :smiley:



Yesterday, I purchased Spitfire Symphony Orchestra. Today, I had to spend almost the same amount on new tires and winter checkup for my car… those vehicles tend to become a bottomless pit anyway, so go for the samples! :wink:

I have both. :stuck_out_tongue: I particularly like Spitfire’s samples and have just about everything they have put out over the last 10 years, but for the super-dry approach, VSL is going to be preferred. For mockups, Spitfire is usually my go-to to get started (with a smattering of Orchestral Tools and other libraries like LASS and Chris Hein.)

Phillip Rothman has done a good job of summarizing the deals out there for notation programs and samples: https://www.scoringnotes.com/news/black-friday-2017-deals-music-notation-software-related-tech/

Tomislav Zlatic has also compiled a more ranging list for small studio producers: https://bedroomproducersblog.com/2017/11/24/best-black-friday-2017-deals-music-producers/