If you didn't know: Inserts on your Monitor busses

If you have Pro (not sure if this is in the other levels) and have Control Room enabled (which you should, as it’s awesome), you can insert plugins on just your monitor buses and not have to have them on your main mix bus.

So on my headphone bus, I have Metric A|B, a headphone calibration vst and a room simulator vst inserted. Now I don’t have to remember to turn these off when exporting.


Glad you found this little gem. I’m a big fan of Cubase’s control room. Especially when combined with an RME interface where you end up with near limitless routing options.

The control room is one of the most powerful features of Cubase . It’s brilliant .
As you say about the inserts , ive always been in two minds where exactly to put my Sonarworks so decided to put all 3 on the main inserts instead of individual monitor inserts of the control room due to adjusting the volume and possible over loading the plugin’s on the outputs , i can live with assigning the Midi Remote to 3 buttons for on/off my Sonarworks depending on which monitor .
One think ive never looked into is whether the slot 7/8 on the monitor outputs are post fader

They are. For some reason they do not have the divider line as in the Mix Console, but if you hover your mouse cursor over the slots, it will tell you.

Ta , i’ll see if i prefer that method tomorrow , if it saves 3 controller buttons then , it just uses a little more resources having all 3 SW active at once

I use Totalmix but not Control Room.
How do you combine them? Can you share some example?

I never use Control Room…will have to look into this as I use the Slate VSX headphones and I also have a RME UFX interface. .Apart from a listening bus the benefits arent clear

Yes. Control Room is brilliant.

Here is how I use them, although I only have rooms or Guru enabled at once, not both at the same time.

me too!


I got here because i am having a hardtime setting-up what you guys are describing. I use Cubase 10.5, Totalmix for RME FF 802 FS and Sonarworks. My aim is to set up the Control Room in such a way that i do not have to worrie about whether I disabled Sonarworks or not when I bounce audio. I’ve watched several video’about the topic but I think my settings in Totalmix are incorrect, so the Cubase-video’s are not helping completely. Right now the insertplugins (In Monitor in the Control Room) are in the bounced audio. Practically meaning SW is working while bouncing.

Right now out 1 and 2 are going to my speakermonitors and Monitors in Control Room also. Defineately not the way. A snapshot of the Matrix and the Mixerview in Totalmix is highly appreciated and maybe also a n in short of the Output-setting and Control Room setting in Audioconnections in Cubase would be very helpfull.

Sorry for the noob question.

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Everything in the Control Room, including inserts like Sonarworks, only modify the Audio going to your RME/Speakers.

When you Bounce, Render, or Export Audio that all occurs in the main section of the MixConsole before the signal gets passed on to the Control Room. So as long as Soundworks is on a CR Insert it cannot be included in your Bounces, etc.


thanks for that, yes its working really well