If you get "Installation fail on SL7"...also "new topic" button missing from new SL7 forum


Tried to install SpectralLayers7 on Mac OSX Mojave machine. It gets all of the way to the end of the process, goes to validate the install…and fails. (“The installation failed.The Installer encountered an error that cause the installation too fail. Contact the software manufacturer for assistance.”)

I didn’t realize elicenser was also open in the background. (I had installed the license before downloading, but failed to quit the application afterwards.)

If elicenser is open, the process will fail. This may not be news to many, but it had me scratching my head for a little while.

ALSO, there is no “New Topic” button in the new SL7 forum. FYI.

yep - most SB software forces what ‘it’ thinks is the latest elicencer software on you…

The windows version installs too (if it thinks it’s newer) - it actually installs an old version so if you like the newest and shiniest then go here


to be fair it gets updated very regularly

FYI, the upcoming patch will properly warn you if the eLicenser software is already running while you install SL7.