if your having issues with Win 8 & C 7 mixer

Hey Guys this might help some of you…After buying a new quad core PC with windows 8 , i7intel chip, I was having a lot of issues with C7.any version and the mixer GUI, as well as noticing very heavy CPU spiking, about 25-50% above normal I have been a solid Cubendo user for about 6 years now so well aware of what’s normal behavior , what’s not. Cubase has been a reliable work horse for me.

Also, when I inserted play64 vst , the mixer would going haywire, suddenly double text words in the menue, bluring.
Note I have the new ilock.

I installed windows 7 and all of the issues immediately went away. the CPU now sits at zero idle…( it was 25% idle before).

Its possible a windows 8 re-install might have worked but I am skeptical, because my slave PC has win 7 and all of the same soft ware ( c7, PLAY, ETC ) & no issues at all.

Besides, I don’t like the work flow with win 8, 7 is so much easier ( for me ).

Anyhow, I hope this can save at least one person on this forum some time.