If you're on WIn 10 and having problems with C12.0.20 try this

After updating from C11 to C12 ive been having loads of different issues with C12 (C11 still works perfectly ) that i had to go back to C11 and after talking to Steve and a few other here on the forum i realised there must be more to it , i know my coms old and unsupported by one generation BUT not a lot changed from a 3770 to a 4770 .
I was suffering stutters , and spikes that left C12.0.20 completely unusable , even with a light project started in 12 BUT i though i would spend a day trying to get to the bottom of this and so far it’s worked for me , no stuttering and the ASIO meter is sitting absolutely perfect , no spikes and seems very very stable , left the system on 24 hours , kept coming and going , adding bits , removing bits including the dreaded AA plugins but i couldn’t get any of the previous behaviours to show up , not one glitch in 24 hours and even Halion 6 opened and recorded externally which ive always had issues with so heres what ive done , something very basic but it takes time and ‘for me’ it works .

Create an EMPTY project in C12.0.20 and import your tracks …that’s it !

I know this comes down to make sure you finish your project in a previous version before using the new Cubase but in recent generations everything has migrated perfect .
Im not saying i won’t encounter any glitches but a project i couldn’t even work on in C12.0.20 before trying this now sits ,with the Asio meter on a constant 25% usage …

I hope someone finds this useful
Good luck :+1: :grin: