Ignore CPU warning on realtime bounce simply doesn't work

I have a few external fx and I use them in a group so I can’t freeze them easily.

When I render my project realtime Cubase throws a realtime CPU warning and it takes multiple tries for me to get it to bounce, with a lot of nail biting in between. Even though the option to ignore CPU overload is ticket it doesn’t work in C7.5!! :cry:


Is your Buffer Size set to maximum? Can you increase it?

Yes - that’s how I got around it but it’s annoying to find what works and what doesn’t by trial and error. Problem with buffer sizes is I have to restart Cubase to get it to work even though I run RME.

Why doesn’t this function just work? Why can’t cubase just ignore CPU warnings?

You would probably get drop-outs, then.

Then what’s the purpose of the ignore CPU warnings message? Only during mixing and not during bounce?