Ignore first 2 pages in page count

How would I “ignore” the first 2 pages in my page counts? I don’t mean to make them invisible. I want the first 2 title pages to not count towards the page numbers.

Here’s an example that shows what I’m referring to:

The first 2 pages are my title pages. So I want Page 3 to actually be labeled as Page 1. Is this possible (I’d prefer it to be automated through the {@page@} code rather than manually typing it out for all pages).

(Assuming you’ve not been into this dialog before, you probably don’t need to type anything at all - just hit OK.)

Hello @waltribeiro - I hope you don’t mind, but here are a couple of general suggestions based on your screenshot that will hopefully help you in the long run -

  1. To remove the “1. Flow 1” extra heading from the top of the music, you can hide the flow heading in Layout Options rather than deleting the text directly on the page. The leftover green flow heading frame at the top of the first page of music indicates you’ve done this, as does the red page override marking for p3 (the first page of music). Here’s some information about page overrides - they can be useful, but on the flipside stop that page ever getting updated if you change the underlying master page.
  2. Likewise, if you entered the title directly on the page, you can instead use the Project Info dialog - Dorico uses tokens to refer to the information in there, which keeps titles, composer info etc automatically up to date in all layouts.
  3. Title pages (requires Dorico Pro) - if you want to reproduce these, either in another project or on a different layout in this project, you might want to create them as custom master pages rather than as page overrides in this layout. Single page overrides are local only to their layout, you can’t copy them e.g. to any of the parts. However, master pages are transferable both within the current project and between separate projects.
  4. Staff labels - the instrument names shown for the violins on the 2nd system onwards look a little odd, to remove the (what looks like) excess numbering, you might want to reset their instrument names, especially if this was an XML import. Here’s some information about Dorico’s automatic instrument numbering.

It sort of worked. I had to close and reopen the app in order for it to reset. Thanks.

One more question: can I copy and paste the 1st page (from Full Score) onto an extracted part (like Violin 1) ?

My use case is that I want a title page for every individual part, but sometimes I have 15 separate parts to a score (Violin 1, Cello 1, Timpani, etc).

Even better is if I can “link” to a master page and only edit one template. So if I decide to change the title image on Full Score, then it automatically changes on Violin 1.

I’m just trying to limit how much editing I have to do each time I want to edit a Title Page’s layout. I want them to all be synced similar to the example above.

For copying your title page, see the 3rd bullet point in my reply above. You can do this using a custom master page. However, you can’t “promote” existing local page overrides into a master page automatically, you have to recreate the master page from scratch.

By default, the full score uses a separate master page set to the parts, so you’d end up with a title page for the score and a second version for the parts. Or, you could use a single master page set for all layouts, with perhaps an additional custom master page to use for the first page of music in the full score (if you want it to have a different layout than the parts but still keep everything else in one master page set).