(Ignore - Posted in Feature Requests) Track presets do not remember FX Channel / Group Routing

Posted this in feature requests, as it’s not a “bug”.

Discussing this on VI-Control, but others have confirmed this as well:

When saving a Track Preset, the Send Channel settings and Group Channel routings (actually any routings at all) are not saved. When importing the track preset, the track will load with default send / fx routing / channel routing, regardless of the setup that was saved.

Seems a workaround on other forums are to “Save Selected Tracks” and import it as a track archive. But this is pointless when working in a template, as the tracks you would be importing (like FX channels / Group channels) are already in the template, and you’d have to manually deselect tracks that already existed in the project everytime you load an archive. And I don’t think you can load Track Archive XMLs from the Mediabay anyway.

Hoping this is something that can be fixed. Track Presets should really save the exact routing / setup of the tracks you are saving. Perhaps this should be in “requests”, but it really feels like an “issue” / fix that should be addressed.

EDIT: Doing some tests - track presets save: Strip, EQ, Volume, Inserts, Naming and Pan, Expression maps & Midi routing (for instrument tracks / midi tracks). It does not save fx routing, fx levels, fx states or channel routing.

I can perhaps see this being intentional, as you may be loading presets into projects without the same fx channel / group channel routings. Perhaps I should put this in requests - as it would be nice to at least have an option to “Save Channel Routing and FX Channel Settings” when saving presets. This would be helpful for people like me who work in template projects, and like to recall tracks with certain routing / fx options.


Yes this makes sense to me. In the other project, where you will load this Track Preset, most probably the same FX/Group Channel don’t exists. Because of this, the routing is not stored.