Ignore sample conversion warning?


I have read many threads about sample conversion in Cubase in this forum, but I haven’t quite found an answer to my question.

I have the Allan & Heath QU32 which has a fixed sample rate of 48000. When I open old projects (in Cubase 10.5 Pro), I get the warning that my project has a lower rate (44.100) which is normal (my old interface ran at 44.100).

I could convert to 48000, but I wonder if this is really necessary? I exchange Cubase projects with a co-producer a lot and my colleague works at 44.100, so it would be easier to work with the same sample rate.

Is it “bad” somehow to ignore Cubase’s warning and keep everything at 44.100? Or will I get in trouble?

P.S. I know I can bounce the tracks to exchange the audio files, but we prefer exchanging the entire project.


Andy (Belgium)


If you would run 44.1kHz project with 48kHz Audio Device sample rate, the pitch wouldn’t fit.

The QU series just have no option for any other sample rate than 48 kHz, so whatever you open/import that has another samplerate must be converted to 48 kHz.

The best option is to take all projects to 48 and keep them there throughout your mates’ workstations as well or to get something else as an interface.

Guess the QUs were made as live consoles for small gigs in the first place, the interface option is just a nice add on. Makes no sense to not allow downsampling to 44.1 but that’s how they’re designed. Have friends using a QU as well - we’ve tried to find where to change SR but no luck, it just isn’t there…