IK Multimedia ARC 3 Correction Software W/ Cubase 12.0.52

Searched, but did not find anything at all on ARC software.

I am trying to use the latest version of IK Multimedia’s ARC 3 room correction software (3.1) with Cubase 12.0.52.

When I insert the plugin into the insert of either the CR Monitor Bus or the Main L+R bus, the plugin instance grays out and becomes non-functional. Even worse, I cannot remove the plugin, change to another plugin, enable or disable the plugin. It is just locked up tighter than a bank safe. Cubase appears to run normally.

A few points:

  1. IK Support was able to duplicate the problem initially, but then it went away for them and it operates normally on their system.

  2. I had this same problem with ARC 3.02.

  3. The only way to remove the plugin from the CR bus is to delete the monitor bus completely and and then add it back in. For the Main Out bus, I have to delete ARC from my computer. reboot, enter Cubase and then the software detects the lack of the plugin, and then I can delete if from the main bus. What a pain.

Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone have this working well?

Any other suggestions?

Thank you.


I went ahead and downloaded Sonarworks Reference 4 since I need to have some form of room correction going on, and it is doing the same thing! How can this be? Other plugins seem to work fine, but now 2 different room correction pieces of software are messed up. Attached is a GIF of the problem. You can’t tell from the GIF, but I am repeatedly clicking on the ARC software and getting no response.

IN the video, I add Reference 4 to a CR insert, which opens just fine, but then I close it, you can see that it is greyed out, and I cannot close it, reopen it, swap it for another plugin, etc. Next, I do the same the ARC. Then finally, I open a couple of other plugins that work just fine… I can access them, swap them out, open/close, etc.

Something weird is going on for sure.
Cubase 12 _ Sonarworks and ARC

FWIW ARC3 has been running flawlessly in my Cubase installation (and is still running flawlessly (V3.1 ARC and V12.0.52 Cubase). So it can be made to work. Sorry you’re having trouble, and I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful than this!

Do you have “Constrain Delay compensation” on by any chance? That will disable any plugin with a higher latency.

If you update any of the correction software in Cubase or a point update in cubase the delay conpensation button is the issue , even thou it’s still grey in colour click it on and off and it will work again , it’s a common issue but steinberg and the forum jury don’t think it’s a bug with the delay button colour not working correctly

@fese and @FilterFreq :

That was it!!! You totally nailed it, thank you so much!!! I had been pulling my hair out on this one.

BTW… IK Tech Support was GREAT and helped a lot as well. I am VERY impressed with the level of support they provided, even if they did not have the full solution.

I can’t thank you two enough for your help!!!

Merry Christmas!

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