IK Multimedia LETDOWN!

I know Cubase can be connected to REASON (a “stand-alone” synth) via “Rewire”.
My question is, can other “stand alone” synths be connected that way, or, is “Rewire” ONLY usable
with REASON? I have had “issues” with IK Multimedia products. When installed under Windows XP,
you are offered the “choice” of installing as a “VST” or as “stand-alone” Synth.
BUT!!! under Windows 7, you have NO choice!!! You can ONLY install SampleTank or Miroslav
as a “stand-alone” synth, which is a PAIN!!! I am SEARCHING for a “way” of routing MIDI from Cubuse
to the IK Synth, and routing AUDIO from the IK Synth back to Cubase. Anybody out there have
ANY neat “Workarounds” or third-party apps I should know about? Thanks in Advance!!!

hard to understand what you are saying here. but i have sampletank working fine as a vst plugin within cubase, reaper, sonar in windows 7 64 bit. and amplitube 3 and most of the t-racks stuff.
no magic involved. if it doesn’t work with cubase bridge, use jbridge.
search the forum for info.

Like Eddie Stealth Studio, I’m also using sampletank here inside of Cubase 6.5.1 without issues. Same thing with Amplitube 3.8

One more occasional SampleTank user here.

Do you have SampleTank FREE installed? You can access the sounds libraries of Miroslav and the like from within this VSTi.


The only thing that blows is that SampleTank is still only 32-bit. SampleTank 3 will be 64-bit and is supposed to be able to access all of the old libraries. I’m hoping they off offer a new free version as well.

The current version is an ASIO hog on my system with the Cubase VST Bridge (Studio 5). I don’t use J Bridge so it might work fine with that. If you are running 32-bit Cubase you should be fine.

i use sampletank with jbridge. no cpu problems for me. ed

Yep me too, no problems at all running it jbridged.
Although I hope they come up with ST3 soon :wink:

Rewire doesn’t work with standalone synths. Only certain software can use Rewire, main ones being Reason, Ableton and Sibelius if I’m not mistaken.

Just to add I had real problems with ST and Jbridge. The guy who provides support for Jbridge worked with me and I got it working.

WOW!!! Thanx for all the reply’s!!! I am fairly new to Win 7, but I have two Win 7 64 bit PC’s and one Win 7 32 bit PC running fine. I know that Win 7 has more “Admin” stuff than Win XP. Could it be I need to install SampleTank and Miroslav under some “Admin” privilege? As to the “J-Bridge” option, I’ve been looking into that. CUBASE 6 has a VERY good record so far for running 32 Bit VST’s. I believe I mentioned, as a temporary work-around, I installed ST and MP
on a old Win XP PC. Just about EVERY VST I have seen is a “.DLL” file ( Embracer.dll etc. ). My Win 7 IK installs do NOT create either " SampleTank2.dll" or " Philharmonik.dll". I did a search…NOTHING, it’s not there. I’m considering transferring the the " SampleTank2.dll & Philharmonik.dll" from the XP PC to the Win 7 64 bit DAW, and attempt a Authorization process. My 64 Bit DAW is NEVER connected to the Internet, but I have a dedicated PC for the Internet, and IK has a good transfer process. Think THAT might work, Guys and Gals? I’m open to suggestions. I’ll check in tomorrow to see if anyone has a “GENIUS” idea…I SURE NEED one!!! :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Thanx for all the ideas, I’ll carefully read each and every one.

“MAYBE” a bit of “Breaking News”. As I said in my recent post, I could NOT install “ST” or “MP” as a VST, ONLY as a “Stand-Alone” Synth. In my closing words, I was thinking about transferring the two “.DLL” files of ST and MP from the “successful” VST install on the old XP PC, and “try” to “Authorize” THAT. It’s 10:45 PM here in CA. , I need sleep,
BUT! , I copied the .DLL files… but, to my SHOCK, since since the “Stand-Alone” synth is already “Authorized”, I may not need to do a thing!!! I was able to load “MP” into the V.I. RACK on the 64 bit DAW!!! What the HEY!!! I NEVER
guessed that the Authorization for the “Stand-Alone” would work for the VST, but it looks like that is what is going on!!! I doubt if I will sleep well…I can’t wait 'til morning to see if this is REAL or a fluke…I let you know…

HOLY CR… , It WORKED!!! I copied both the " .DLL & ‘Configuration Settings’ " files from the Win XP install to the:
C:/Program Files(x86)/Steinberg/VstPlugIns Win7 Folder. It “may” be that since all the Miroslav and SampleTank installs
where done from the SAME P/N’s (PLK10-XXXXXXXX-XXXXX & STX20-XXXXXXXX-XXXXX) but different “ID” and “AUTH”
codes, MAYBE that is why it’s working , meaning the “Stand-Along” install is “allowing” the “VST” to work. I don’t know, I don’t CARE!!! WHATEVER!!! I paid my money, it seems to be working…FOR NOW, that’s ALL I care about.

My “ISSUE” seems to be OVER…for NOW, but feel free to comment.