IKMultimedia TR5 hanging Cubase 10 on export

Whenever I try to render and there is any of the TR5 (T-Racks 5) VST’s in the project then Cubase will just hang/freeze up. I know sometimes if you render the progress bars sort of goes weird and the cancel button just goes missing, but that been a bug since version 7 but it does still render as you can see activity on the disc. With Cubase 10 nothing happens, no activity and after 20 minuets I just killed the session in the task manager. Now what I don’t understand is that it works PERFECTLY in Cubase 9.5. I hope that with the latest update 10.0.30 that it would be fixed, but it’s still there. There is a lot of other plugins which runs on Cubase 10 but sort of feels like it sluggish and if Cubase becomes unstable. I’m forced to continue working on 9.5 until this issue is resolved. What did Steinberg do with the VST support in Cubase 10 ??

It’s working here, I have TR5 on every project. I only us the VST3 version.

The only issue I’m aware of is various timing issues if you insert the stealth limiter on the master bus, even if you disable it. Recorded audio and midi gets shifted