"Ilia's Theme" from Star Trek The Motion Picture, performed by Dorico and VSL

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to share this demo of “Ilia’s Theme” by Jerry Goldsmith from Star Trek The Motion Picture. It is played by Dorico with no NotePerformer involved and no manual editing in the piano roll - everything driven by score markings. Libraries used are mostly VSL as those are incredibly consistent (which is the most important thing in being able to get good playback) and they have very good expression maps already included. The brass is currently provided by Sample Modeling, but I will soon be adding VSL brass to my template as well.

Ilia’s Theme - Star Trek The Motion Picture

I still love NotePerformer and recommend it to most people, but I need to be able to do all sorts of fine tuning of the performance that NotePerformer doesn’t necessarily allow easily. With this setup, I can either work in Play mode in Dorico doing fine tuning of the performance, or even export this from Dorico to Cubase and start with things playing back identically to how they did in Dorico. This is accomplished by using Vienna Ensemble Pro as a mixer and loading all instruments in there, and sending just a single audio return back to Dorico. I can load this same mixer project in Cubase, and then with matching MIDI, the performance is identical.

This is something I have wanted for a very long time, to be able to get a good performance out of notation just by plugging a correctly notated score in and having it play back with great samples with proper balance, but not lose control of the end result.

Feedback welcome.


It sounds amazing. I do wonder about the strings’ legato - is that something you would work on further in Cubase?


What about the legato, exactly? I’m curious what you mean - there are a few things it could be that I already know about. Do you mean it is too connected that you are not hearing the bow changes, or is something wrong with the legato itself where you aren’t hearing enough of the transition sample? It could be either. And are the issues throughout or only in certain parts?

And no, I wouldn’t necessarily leave stuff like that for Cubase if it can be addressed just as easily in Dorico. If I bring it to Cubase as a final step it will only be to do certain things that are much more difficult in Dorico.

Sorry for the delay! I’m listening again - in the strings there seems to be a little “push” at the beginning of each note, more at the beginning of the piece than later. So it doesn’t feel like a real slur to me. Does that make sense?

I hear that but assume it is an intentional accent as it’s usually echoed elsewhere in the orchestra. I must say I’m not very keen on the VSL string tone anyway but that’s nothing to do with your mock-up which is generally fine (and the fact that I have a hard time listening to such banal music is also irrelevant…)

Still cared enough to mention it?

unfortunately, music which is some way involving is easier to evaluate because the best libraries manage to produce a rendering which is itself involving which is hard when the music doesn’t interest the listener.

But the only real point of my post was to indicate that I think I understand what @Stephen_Taylor was getting at.