I'll Be Right Here With You

You can ask me if you like - but when it’s cold
I’ll light a fire for you
If you need someone to care -just to hold
I’ll fill that desire too
When your troubled and down
I will bring you delight
Through thick and thin I’ll stick around
I’ll be here both, day and night


I’ll be right here with you
To light a fire on a cold winters day
I’ll be right here with you
Sharing what ever comes our way
Take a trip see the world
Or just a walk down the street
I’ll be right here with you
It’s a promise that I’ll always keep

Repeat chorus

If bad luck should come your way - and make you sad
I’ll cure that sadness in you
When you have something to share - makes you glad
I’ll share in your gladness too
When there’s nothing to do
I’ll make it your leisure
When there’s to much you’re going through
I’ll turn your day to pleasure

Repeat chorus

It can be a cold cold world
And sometimes it gets even colder
I’ll be here to keep you warm
As life goes on - as we grow older

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Terry, I forgot to comment on this earlier. I think it’s great that you could write a song that your girlfriend would have to wonder if it’s about her of the Cubs! I love your devotion! And I swear you are an original member of the Beatles. Is your real name Stu?